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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Star Earrings

This has to be one of my favorite of my earring designs. It's simple and clean, big enough to please my daughter, but delicate enough to please me LOL

You can make these in just any color, or combine two colors for a different effect. I've even made some in glow-in-the-dark thread (you can find that usually in the embroidery thread rack)

The pattern is relatively simple, but the thread and hook is small, so can be a little frustrating if you're not used to working with such small things.

As always, if you find anything wrong or confusing, please let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible :)


Sewing thread (2 spools of any color or colors you like)
Size 10 steel crochet hook
Fabric Stiffener
(optional) can of non-yellowing clear spray varnish
Your choice of earring findings. (I used simple hooks for this pair)


DC beginning cluster (beg cl) : ch2, retaining last loop of each dc on hook, dc in each of next two dc, yo and draw through all loops on hook.

DC Cluster (dc cl) Retaining last loop of each dc on hook, dc in each of next 3 dc, yo and draw through all loops on hook

Using two strands of the sewing thread together:

Rnd 1: ch 4, join to make a ring Ch 3, 2 dc in ring, * ch1, 3 dc in ring. repeat from * 4 times around, join with sl st in third ch of beginning ch 3 (5 groups of 3 dc)

Rnd 2: Ch 2, beg cl over the next two dc. *ch 10, sl st in 6th ch from hook, ch4, dc cl over next 3 dc. repeat from * around, joint with sl st to top of beginning cluster.

Rnd 3: Ch6, dc in same st as join ch3. * sk 4 ch, in ch6 loop work the following (dc, ch3, dc, ch5, dc ch3 dc) ch3. Dc, ch3, dc in next cluster. ch3 . repeat from * around sl st in 3rd ch of beginning ch 6 to join.


Block piece with fabric stiffener and allow to dry thoroughly. (I recommend at least 24 hours). If desired, apply several light coats of a non-yellowing spray varnish on both sides, allowing to dry well in between coats. The varnish will help to prevent the earrings from losing shape in very humid or rainy weather.

Attach chosen earring findings to one of the points of the star as shown.

This pattern is an original pattern by Linda Potts. You may keep a copy for your personal use. Please do not reprint or sell this pattern. If you wish to share it, you may link to this pattern.
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