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Saturday, May 29, 2010

DS Game Carrying Case

This is a DS carrying case I made in a couple of hours one afternoon when I really needed something to carry my DS around in,  with the games.   I'll get some better pictures,  especially of the sides to make it easier for you to see how it's put together... but right now my camera is out of town with my oldest daughter,  so it'll be a few days.

Anyway,  I'm including the 'pattern'  which is really just a set of guidelines more than a set pattern.  Adjust it as you need to fit your yarn/hook/Game System and the games or cartridges you have.

DS Carrying Case

Sport Weight Yarn (any color)
G Hook
Yarn Needle

This is one of those patterns where it’s more of a set of ‘guidelines’  that you can manipulate to fit your application.   In this case,  your DS/DSLite/DSI or other hand held game system.

I used a sport yarn with a firm hand to it,  so if you use a softer sport yarn,  or if you use a worsted weight yarn, you’ll probably have to adjust the numbers of stitches to fit your DS.  Baby Yarns will likely result in a little bit smaller case,  so again,  you’ll  need to adjust. 

I’d recommend that you ‘check’ your progress against your DS (or other game system) frequently while making this case,  and adjust in whatever way is needed so that it fits.


Row 1:  Ch 25,  HDC in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across  (24)
Row 2-26:  HDC in each HDC across.  (24)
F/O weave in ends.


Make 2:

Row 1:  Ch 5.  HDC in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across (4)
Row 2-12:  HDC in each HDC across (4)
F/O, weave in ends.

Carefully pin gussets to the beginning row and end row of main compartment,  and along the side and bottom of gussets (this creates the compartment for the DS.   Using your crochet hook,  SC along the sides and around bottom of Gussets to attach the gussets to the main piece.  (HINT:   Using a size or two smaller hook for this step often helps to get a cleaner and better fitting ‘piping’ along the sides)


Row 1:  Ch 25,  HDC in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across  (24)
Row 2-28:  HDC in each HDC across  (24)
F/O, weave in ends.

NETS (Game pockets – make 2): 

Row 1:  Ch 24.  HDC 2nd Ch from hook.  * Ch 1,  skip one ch,  HDC next ch *  Repeat * to * across to last ch.  (11 ch1 spaces)
Row 2:  Ch 1.  HDC in first HDC.  * ch 1,  skip ch1 space,  HDC in next HDC *  Repeat * to * across  (11 spaces)
Row 3-7:  Repeat Row 2.
F/O weave in ends.

Sew game pockets/nets to game flap as shown,  leave room between the two nets/pockets  to allow for ‘folding’.   Sew top to bottom as desired to create individual pockets for various games/cartridges as shown or as desired.

Sew game flap to the bottom front of the main compartment,  so that the pockets face ‘up’  and will fold up and rest against the front of the main compartment.


Row 1: Attach yarn to right corner of back of main compartment.   CH1 and HDC in same corner stitch as join,  HDC across (24)
Row 2-8:  HDC in each HDC across  (24)
Row 9:  DEC over first 2 HDC,  HDC in each remaining HDC to end  (23)
Row 10:  repeat row 9  (22)
Row 11:  repeat row 9  (21)
Row 12:  repeat row 9  (20)
Row 13:  repeat row 9  (19)
Row 14:  repeat row 9  (18)
Row 15:  DEC over first 2 HDC of row,  HDC in each HDC across until last two HDC,  DEC over last 2 HDC  (16)
Repeat row 15,  (Decrease at each end of row)  until 2 HDC left in row.  Dec over last 2 HDC.

F/O.   Make two equal length chains as long as you like for tying.   Attach one chain to point of flap,  the other to the bottom of the main compartment  (fold up the game flap and determine where you want the second tie placed.)

Decorate as desired,  or just load up and go!  :D

This pattern is an original pattern by Linda Potts (May 2010).  Please do not claim this pattern as your own.  If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site.  You may print and keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern. 

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