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All patterns are written assuming that the reader has a basic understanding of crochet and amigurumi, IE: working in rounds, sc increase and decrease, basic understanding of construction of the parts.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just a Note...

I've started up a sister blog to this one,  with HINTS, TIPS and TRICKS for making crochet dolls and other general helpful information for crocheters. The name of the blog is OTH-HELP and I've just added the first of many TOPIC PAGES.

The first page is about 'stuffing' your work.   It's by NO means finished,  and if you have a question regarding any of the pages that isn't answered there,  email me at  and I'll answer your question in email,  and will also add that to the topic page  (or create a new topic page if necessary).

The sister blog (like this one)  is a constant work in progress,  so I'll be adding more helpful information as often as possible.  I have several more pages already in the works...but go ahead and either favorite the blog,  or join the 'friends' list if you want...  to keep up with new pages and announcements as they come up!

I hope these pages on the sister blog will prove helpful to all of you who are new to crochet doll making,  or have been around the block a few times,  but still would like a few helpful hints in your problems areas.

Be sure to post here also with your suggestions for topics also tips for me to add to existing topic pages :D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Having a sale in my shops!

I'm having a sale in all three of my shops...   30% off of all patterns!

Zibbet and Ravelry shoppers,  your savings will be reflected at checkout.   For Etsy shoppers,  please enter this code at checkout:   AUG2010

Etsy: http://WolfDreamerOTH.etsy​.com/
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