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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On the topic of forums...

Like many of you, I enjoy talking to and hearing from others who enjoy the craft of crochet and knit as much as I do. To that end, I joined a forum site called Knitting Paradise ( ).

After nearly a year
 there as a daily reader, I was privately contacted by the administration there, to remove the links in my signature as I was breaking their rules by not have return links on my blog and in my shop to their forums. So I removed the links, thinking the other users would be required to do the same. Weeks later, no one else had done this, so I contacted the administration again and asked why no one else was being required to do this and that I felt singled out, and was considering leaving despite the fact I truly enjoyed the forum.

The response I received? 'So leave then'.

While I truly came to like and admire the users of this site, I cannot recommend this forum site due to the lack of polite and professional administration. Their response to my inquiry leaves me to consider that the forums are run by children. A mature adult who was concerned about their site and site reputation, would not behave or respond in such a manner.

Beware the beasts, they are everywhere. *sigh*
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