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Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a quick update...

I'm still here!  LOL.

I know I've not been very active lately,  sorry 'bout that. Between the holidays (my busiest time of year)  and now I'm trying to re-do my kitchen and bathroom...I've been overloaded. I keep trying to set aside time for working on crochet projects,  but I end up working on house-hold stuff instead.  I've been planning this kitchen/bath redo for nearly three years,  so I'm excited to get the work going (and *finished* - since I really hate having everything all topsy-turvy).

I PROMISE that I will get back to working on designing some dolls as soon as I can get these major projects done (and once again be a happy person with my finished kitchen and bath  LOL).

In the meantime,  I'm around here to answer questions,  and I check here and on the FaceBook Page at least a few times every day.   :D

So don't forget to check in with us from time to time!
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