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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shaymin Plushie

This is a Shaymin plushie I made by request. Poor guy has been thru an awful lot. My cat took a liking (or disliking) to him and decided to chew his nose nearly off, and 'degrassed' his back pretty good too. After some serious repair work and surgery on the nose, he's back together but just a tad bit worse for his unexpected adventure.

This doll has a few different techniques involved, but for the intermediate to advanced crocheter it shouldn't present any problems.

This pattern has of yet been tested only by me, so if you find any problems, please let me know, I'll fix it as soon as possible. :)



WW yarn in white, medium green, dark green and pink (rose or coral works too)
G and F hooks
Felt scraps in black, white and red
Yarn Needle
(optional) latch hook tool


This pattern is assuming you have at least moderate experience in crochet. There are various techniques used in this pattern. At least a working knowledge of Latch Hook rug work is also helpful.

Numbers in ( ) at the end of each row/round indicate the total number of stitches that should be in that round/row.

Head and Body:

Using white and G hook:

Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
Rnd 2: sc in each sc around (6)
Rnd 3: sc in next sc, 2 sc in each of next 4 sc, sc in last sc (10)
Rnd 4: sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in each of next 2 sc, sc in last 4 sc (12)
Rnd 5: sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc around (18)
Rnd 6: sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (24)
Rnd 7: sc in next 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (30)
Rnd 8: sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (36)
Rnd 9-28: sc in each sc around (36)
Rnd 29: sc in next 4 sc, dec over next 2 sc around (30)
Rnd 30: sc in next 3 sc, dec over next 2 sc around (24)

Begin stuffing at this point if you haven't already. Continue stuffing as you progress.

Rnd 31: sc in next 2 sc, dec over next 2 sc around (18)
Rnd 32: sc in next 1 sc, dec over next 2 sc around (12)
Rnd 33: dec over next 2 sc around (6)

F/O leaving a tail. Using the back of your hook or a chopstick, add any stuffing needed to finish out the shape. Weave tail thru the final round and pull to close.

Front and Back Legs (make four) :

Using white and G hook:

Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
Rnd 2: sc in next 4 sc, 2 sc in each of the last 2 sc (8)
Rnd 3: sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc in each of the last 2 sc (10)
Rnd 4: sc in next 8 sc, 2 sc in each of the last 2 sc (12)

F/O stuff moderately

Grass Mat:

(this piece is made in two parts, first the 'mat' which is sewn onto the back of the body. Then you will 'latch' the grass pieces onto the mat using either a crochet hook or latch hook tool.)

Using medium green and G hook:

Row 1: Ch 13 sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across. turn (12)
Row 2: sc in each sc across turn (12)
Row 3: 2 sc in first sc, sc each sc across to last sc, 2 sc in last sc (14)
Row 4: sc in each sc across (14)
Row 5: repeat row 3 (16)
Row 6: repeat row 2 (16)
Row 7: repeat row 3 (18)
Row 8: repeat row 2 (18)
Row 9: repeat row 3 (20)
Row 10: repeat row 2 (20)
Row 11-21: repeat row 2 (20)
Row 22: dec over next 2 sc, dec over next 2 sc sc across to last 4 sc, dec over 2 sc (twice) (16)
Row 23: repeat row 22 (12)

F/O and sew to top of body centered evenly. Cut about 100 4 1/2 inch pieces of yarn of the same color as the mat. Latch hook or use crochet hook to loop the pieces around the sc stitches. I found that using two pieces at a time, and latching in every other sc, in a checkerboard pattern seemed to work the easiest. But a single piece in each stitch will work as well if that's easier for you.

Flower (make 2):

Using pink and F hook:

Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around (12)
Rnd 3: sc first sc, ch 3 sc next 2 sc, ch 3 (repeat around to last sc, sc in last sc and sl st to top of first sc) (12 sc, 6 ch 3 loops)
Rnd 4: sc in first sc, in ch 3 loop work the following : *hdc, dc, tr, picot, tr, dc hdc ; sc in next 2 sc* repeat from * around to last sc, sc in last sc


Leaves (make 4):

Using dark green and F hook:

Row 1: ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook and last ch (2)
Row 2: 2 sc in each sc (4)
Row 3: 2 sc in first sc, sc next 2 sc, 2 sc last sc (6)
Row 4: 2 sc in first sc, sc next 4 sc, 2 sc last sc (8)
Row 5-8: Sc in each sc across (8)
Row 9: sc in each sc to last two sc, dec over last two sc (7)
Row 10: repeat row 9 (6)
Row 11: repeat row 9 (5)
Row 12: repeat row 9 (4)
Row 13: repeat row 9 (3)
Row 14: repeat row 9 (2)
Row 15: repeat row 9 (1)

F/O weave in tails.


Sew moderately stuffed legs to the bottom as shown in pictures. Add a few whip stitches with black yarn or embroidery thread for nose. Cut and sew on eyes and two very small circles as shown in pitcures for catchlights. Cut mouth shape from red felt and sew just under the nose. Sew the leaves to the edge of the flower, and then carefully sew to either side of the body (a long curved needle really comes in handy at this point)

Shaymin and Pokemon are copyright Nintendo.

This crochet pattern is an original pattern by Linda Potts (May 2009). Please do not claim this pattern as your own. If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. You may keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern.


Claudette said...

OMG, you are like the designer from Pokemon Heaven. I absolutely love this little guy. He has to be my altime favorite Pokemon. I even went to the Toys R Us Pokemon Event to get my Shamin for my DS game. I have to make this guy. I just hope that mine comes out as good as yours.

Menwy said...

I love your patterns! I wait very patiently... kinda... for the next Pokemon! I have made all but Picachu, and he's next. In fact you inspired me to design my son's favorite pokemon, which is actually coming along great, especially for my first design! Thanks, and keep em comin! :)

WolfDreamer said...

Thanks a million for the lovely compliments! I do appreciate them very much. :D

uzmanamator said...

HI!I gave some advices about your blog at my blog, It's an activity with blogs which we liked

Anonymous said...

Oh that's so cute!!! Shaymin is my favorite pokemon! This is so cool. Keep up the good work. ^_^

WolfDreamer said...

Thank you very much! :D

Anonymous said...

Your work is AMAZING!!!!.You really need to make an eevee. i hope I could be as good as you someday:p

WolfDreamer said...

Thanks! Well as I often say, eevee is on the list. LOL... the list is long but I slowly work my through it in between work and commissions :)

Emily said...

This is great! I made my own, knitted, though cause I'm not so great with the crochet hook. Mudkip next! :D

Kristen said...

My boys are HUGE Pokemon fans! These will thrill them to no end! Thank you so much!

Lisa said...

I have a question about the pattern. In the section for the leaves you have row 5-8 but then it continues with row 6.

By the way i love your patterns my boys all want me to make them all for them and that is each pokemon times three lol

WolfDreamer said...

Thanks Lisa! That was just a typo that got away from me. I've fixed it now :)

jmo said...

I just found your site- and completed pachirisu for my nephew! He's going to love it! I'm starting this one next, but found a typo on row 2 of the body. I had to stare at it for a minute or two trying to figure it out! :) The stiches in ( ) need to be 6, not 12 for row 2.
Thank you for your amazing patterns, and for sharing them with us. (I just fan'd you on FB too so I can keep up!) Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hi my name is Gabriella, could you make the doll of charmender and wario?

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Gabriella.
Your works are so amazing!
could you make the doll of charmender and wario?

umbreon said...

oh soo cute! im still working on the one for my friend, who moved to another state. soo i want to send it to her as a miss you gift!!!

is umbreon on your list cuz i HAVE to have one!!!

Fatticus Finch said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Will you be my best friend? This is amazing! I saw your umbreon pattern on One Pretty Thing and wandered around and found this! It's so adorable!

WolfDreamer said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the patterns :D

Anonymous said...

Could you make a sky form shaymin and the other eeveelutions?especially glaceon and leafeon! and ambipom and maybe some more legendarys,
you are an awesome designer,
i found you one day when i was looking for a horsea pattern,looked at plusle and minun(SUPER CUTE) and then saw the horsea link!

Anonymous said...

*mouth hanging open*
good googly your pretty much big enough to start a mailing list {which may cut back on the type of idiot that just copy and pastes instead of giving credit to the maker }

Rhonda Walker said...

Hello and first of all thank you for posting such wonderful patterns. I'm just posting to let you know I have posted a link to this design, snorlax, luma as well as your main page on my blog.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! I just finished my own version of the Shaymin, and I have to say I love your plushies. :) If there's any way you could, a Dratini pattern would be greatly appreciated. All the patterns I find are always super-tiny, and I'd like to have a slightly larger one.

Anonymous said...

hey i was wondering if u could make the sky version

emma fran said...

omg thats sooo cute! so far i have made a chicorita, oshowatt, and now i am working on a shaymin all tanks to you!!! :P

Anonymous said...

hey, I love this and all your other works. I've already made Cyndaquil, Sonic and Umbreon and I'm trying to make Shaymin but I got very confused by the directions for the flower. Can you please explain rounds 3 and 4 to me? I'm very confused. Thanks!!!

WolfDreamer said...

In round 3, you are making 'loops' between the scs. basically it ends up being 2sc, followed with a 'loop' (the chain 3).

Round 4 you will put a sc in each of the scs, and in the chain 3 loops you work the series of stitches (hdc, dc, tr, picot, tr, dc, hdc)- all of those together in each chain 3 - to create each 'petal'.

If you need help with the various stitches there many awesome video tutorials on all the crochet stitches on YouTube. :D

Anonymous said...

thanks, I'll try that. I have another question. How do you get the grass to stand up? Mine just flops over and looks like flattened straight hair.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for making shaymin my aunt made 1 for me and i love it <3 its so adorable. i was wondering if you could make the brown big bear thing from the movie _my neighbor tohroto_(srry 4 the spelling) thank you again =) if u want to reach me my email is

Val said...

I've been looking at all of your blog for ages, and have made a couple pokemon dolls from your patterns! they're simply great! Actually stumbled upon your blog after doing two dolls myself, Quagsire and Spikey eared Pichu (she's small and super cute), and I'd give you the pattern for them except I didn't make any, and they're no longer with me, see, Boyfriend LOVES pokemon so they're all for him. Since my son loves them too I'll make more and more and your patterns are just what I was looking for then. I'll send you a pic if I ever know your e-mail ^_^. Anyhow, I'm having a bit of a problem with shaymin, the mat grew with the grassing, so I need to make a bigger body, with a thicker yarn too I guess, and although it's probably gonna end up being a big plushie it may end up being super cute. I also use some plastic eyes and noses, maybe that can help you get a nicer finishing touch. Thank again for your wonderful creations.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused as to how you got from 12 to 18 stitches in round 5 of the body. If you could explain that round, it'd be greatly appreciated :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello Wolfdreamer! I am 58 years of age and an Dutch woman.Thank you for makinglife more beautiful! I love your patterns very much.Could you please explane to me how to make this row step by step? : On "grassmat", Row 22: dec over next 2 sc, dec over next 2 sc sc across to last 4 sc, dec over 2 sc (twice) (16)
Thank you very much for your help and lots of joy makin'other patterns! bye bye

WolfDreamer said...

Basically, you make two decreases at the beginning of the row, and two decreases at the end of the row.

This will reduce that row by four stitches total. :D

Then you will repeat that row again in row 23, again decreasing by four stitches total in the row.

Anonymous said...

O, it's so simple! Stupid me! Thank you so much for the quick response. Have a nice evening. I'm very grateful. See you...

Anonymous said...

I cannot, for the life of me, get the flowers right. How did you get yours to shape like that? Mine come out too big an floppy or too stiff and tiny. I'm using the right size hook and it looks like the same yarn.

lyra said...

can you knit this little guy.he is so cute and i really want him in plush form

Lillyrosejamie said...

I'm sorry to say, but I can't translate the pages in Dutch, could there be a problem? And I am just a beginner so I'll try to get my mum involved hoping she knows what she's doing but she can't speak English xD so I was wondering about the translation. Could you look at it for me?

Miah said...

Hi, could someone explain round 4 for the flowers to me? I understand the stitches but when I do what the instructions say my petals come out more rounded than in the picture. Also I would have to do another sc to get to the 3rd stitch in a loop.
Help please!

Unknown said...

I love your patterns! I have made Pikachu and Jigglypuff for my (21 year old !) daughter and now I want to start Shaymin too!

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