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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nested Pineapple Shawl

Mother's Day having just passed by,  I made my my Mom a really nice shawl as a gift.  She *loved* it :D.  I've written out the pattern and posted it on my Etsy Shop if anyone would like to take a shot at making one.  It's definitely a piece for more experienced crocheters, but it is TRULY worth the work! 

It's modeled in the pictures by one of my girls,  I couldn't get Momma to let me get a picture of her wearing it... LOL.  

If you'd like to get the pattern,  it's available at my Etsy Shop  ( the direct link to the pattern is

Enjoy! :D


Mel said...

That's beautiful! As soon as I have a little more cash in my paypal account, I think I'll buy this pattern... I don't have much in the way of thread skills just yet, but I do plan to practice and this looks like something I'd love to dig into someday in the distant future!!

Anonymous said...


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