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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Badtz Maru Plushie

Well I kinda did this guy on a lark.  I've been sort of feeling under the weather and resting alot this week, and decided to work on a smaller project that was just 'fun'.   So on the suggestion of a friend of mine, I made Badtz Maru.   

I didn't want to make him just 'sitting there'  and seeing that he's got such a cute and playful attitude - and he's well known for making faces,  I decided to make him sticking out his tongue  (cause it seemed to be a common pose for him and it made me laugh )

Hope you enjoy him,  it was just a little side project to keep me from being too bored :D

WW yarn black, white and yellow
G Hook
Yarn needle
Sewing thread to match yarn and sewing needle
small bits of felt in white, black and red


Gauge isn't terribly important on this project, as long as your choice of yarn and hook and your individual tension result in an even, firm stitch so that the stuffing won't come through.

Numbers in ( ) at the end of each round or row indicate the total number of stitches in that round or row.


Rnd 1:  8 sc in magic ring  (8)
Rnd 2:  2 sc in each sc around  (16)
Rnd 3:  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc  around  (24)
Rnd 4:  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (32)
Rnd 5:  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (40)
Rnd 6:  sc in next 4 sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (48)
Rnd 7- 17:  sc in each sc around  (48)
Rnd 18:  sc in next 4 sc,  dec over next 2 sc around  (40)
Rnd 19:  sc in next 3 sc,  dec over next 2 sc around  (32)
Rnd 20:  sc in next 2 sc,  dec over next 2 sc around  (24)
Rnd 21:  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (36)
Rnd 22:  sc in next 5 sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (42)
Rnd 23-28:  sc in each sc around  (42)
Rnd 29:  sc in next 6 sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (48)
Rnd 30-32:  sc in each sc around  (48)
Rnd 33:  sc in  next 4 sc,  dec over next 2 sc around  (36)
Rnd 34:  sc in each sc around  (36)
F/O.  Do not close opening.  Make sure head/body is stuffed and shaped well.


Row 1:  ch 15 ,   sc in second ch from hook and each chain across  (14)
Row 2-4:  sc in each sc across  (14)
EDGING:P  sc even around entire piece,  slip stitch to beginning sc to end.
F/O.  Weave in ends.

Place body bottom piece at opening of body.   Using black sewing thread and needle,  bring the body opening edges in to meet up with the 'bottom' piece.  Sewing together securely.  The stitches won't match up 'exactly'  that's ok,  just ease in the body edges to the bottom piece.  This should create a slightly narrow and flat bottom.  


Row 1:  ch 2.  4 sc in second chain from hook  (do not join, turn) (4)
Row 2:  2 sc in each sc across  (turn)  (8)
Row 3:  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc  across (turn)   (12)
Row 4:  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc across (turn)  (16)
Row 5:  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc across  (turn)  (20)
Row 6.  Sc in each sc across,  do not turn,  ch 1 and begin sc evenly across 'bottom',  place last sc in side of first sc of row 6.  Ch1 turn
Row 7:  sc in each sc across,  
F/O weave in end.  Pin  and then sew to front of body as shown.

ARMS (make 2):

Rnd 1:  4 sc in magic ring  (4)
Rnd 2:  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc  (6)
Rnd 3:  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc  (8)
Rnd 4:  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc  (10)
Rnd 5-8:  sc in each sc around  (10)
Rnd 9:  5 sc ,  turn
Rnd 10:  4 sc turn
Rnd 11:  3 sc.
F/O.  Stuff and weave in ends.


Rnd 1:  Ch 6,  sc in second chain from hook and each chain to end,  turn work around and now working down other side of starting chain,  sc in each free loop to end.  Slip stitch to first sc  (10)
Rnd 2:  sc in next 4 sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next 4 sc,  2 sc in next sc  (12)
Rnd 3:  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (16)
Rnd 4:  sc in each sc around  (16)
F/O,  weave in end.    Cut piece of red felt in the tongue shape desired,  place in between the two 'open' ends of the beak.  Flatten and match edges.  Sew through all layers.  Secure thread and weave loose ends.   (add a touch of detail with some black thread on the tongue as shown)

FEET (make 2):

Rnd 1:  8 sc in magic circle  (8)
Rnd 2:  2 sc in each sc around  (16)
Rnd 3:  sc in each sc around  (16)
Rnd 4:  sc in next 2 sc,  dec over next 2 sc around  (12)
Rnd 5:  dec over next 2 sc around  (6)
F/O.  Weave in ends.  Foot isn't stuffed just flattened.

'HAIR'  SPIKES (make 4):
Rnd 1:  4 sc in magic ring  (4)
Rnd 2:  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc  (6)
Rnd 3:  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc  (8)
Rnd 4:  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc  (10)
Rnd 5:  sc in each sc around  (10)
F/O.  Stuff 'tails' into spike  (add a tiny bit of fiberfill if you like to help shape the spikes)


Rnd 1:  4 sc in magic ring  (4)
Rnd 2:  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc  (6)
Rnd 3:  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc  (8)
Rnd 4:  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in next sc  (10)
F/O and weave ends.  Don't stuff.


Pin all parts to the doll as shown (or as desired).   Once you're satisfied with the look,  sew all your parts to the dolls securely.    I put the arms on either side of the body,  where the head/body meet and positioned them to where they are 'pulling' on the beak from either side.  

Tail is added just under the backside of the body  (I don't know if Badtz actually *has* a tail,  but the way I ended up  doing the bottom part of the body to get the shape I wanted,  it was off balance with only the feet,  so the 'tail'  is the third point of support and makes it to where he'll sit up on his own)

Eyes are made from scraps of felt with tiny dots  of black felt (a sequin will work here too) .

Have fun with this one,  the best part of Badtz Maru,  is his irreverent attitude and wild child personality.  :D

Badtz Maru is a SANRIO character and is © of its creators.   This crochet pattern is © of Linda Potts (September 2010) and may not be copied, reprinted or added to any website or collection.  You may link to this pattern if you like,  or print a copy of it for your personal use ONLY.  No items made from this pattern may be sold for profit.  


Ale lu said...

I love this! Thanks!

Erins Toy Store said...

I hope your feeling better!

And he is just to cute. I love the tongue, nice touch!!!

Get better!!!!!

Anonymous said...

cute but who is he

ps get well soon

Deena Bo Beena said...

This is too cute! Thank you for sharing. I Love the Sanrio Characters! Badtz is one of my faves <3

Feel better!

RainbowCookies said...

Oh this is great! I have slippers with him in this exact pose! I need to make him. XD

Sylvia said...


Do you know Togepi crochet?

I nice day.

Claribel said...

Badtz is really cute!!! Next time you can try making Chococat!!

Kasuka said...

its kasukabarai from deviant art. i love your plushies

Anonymous said...

Hey I love everything you have made so far. My mom had just made me the Mario and his mushroom. While on the topic of Mario I was wondering if you had any thoughts of making a yoshi to be by his side(everyone needs a buddy) or possible one of the princesses, maybe rosalina, just some suggestions :). And was also wondering if you had possibly been making any of these in the near future

Ellsee said...

UM, YOU ARE THE COOLEST CROCHETER ON THE BLOCK. Mildly in love with you, good job!!!

Anonymous said...

Badz Maru is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

i know that you get a lot of requests to make something but i was wondering if you could find the time to try hello kitty.i cant find any good ones unless they are in Japanese; you seem to me like you can do some great work on it. I would really appreciated it because i am trying to cheer a friend up. she is very dear to me. please and thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a pattern for angry birds like the red bird and maybe a pig!

Anonymous said...

it is so cute i love your patterns the first thing i ever finished was your bayleef pattern your patterns inspired me to try to make pokabu

Anonymous said...

I would love to see yoshi for Mario characters! It would be awesome if you made that next. Your work is amazing.

Ry.E said...

Ive been following your blog for a while, and I have to say your INCREDIBLE.

Oh and Hint: If you get to do more eevee evolutions, vaporeon is my favorite. <3 Her collar could be lace!

littlemrsblack said...

awww cute!
am i allowed to aulter it?
like turn it into another animal
and change the color? i wont sell it. i just want to make anothor animal with it!

p.s im one of your biggest fans!!!!

wolfie said...

hey i love your plush!
ive made my own with my own pattern
and im looking to sell them.
ive read etsys terms and fee and i think its redonkulas! i worked hard on my plushies and i want all the money that i worked hard for.
is there anywere else i can sell them that doesnt have a fee?

WolfDreamer said...

You can get a shop for free at you can post up to I think 50 items for free (but alot of the services are not going to be available unless you get a premium account).

If you use PayPal to accept payments, which most online sellers pretty use that service for payments, it also has fees associated with each sale you make.

You can make your own site, and take only checks and money orders mailed to you, but... most people prefer to pay online.

Anywhere you sell online there will be fees that go with it... that's part of business. It's the overhead we all have to have in order to have an online shop.

Anonymous said...

Keroppi please pretty please when you start crocheting again. I have to try this one and I will have left over black and yellow from your Dispicable me Minion and I have the other colors left over too. Thank you so much for your patterns. They look so good. Working on Dispcable me Minon. My first real doll

Take Care and heal wrist
Janet Shum

coffeecup said...

For the Head/Body

Rnd 29: sc in next 6 sc, 2 sc in next sc around (48)
Rnd 30-32: sc in each sc around (42)

Rnd 29 ends up with 48
but since you're sc-ing in each sc around for Rnd 30-32, how come you get 42. O_O

or am i just crazy XD

WolfDreamer said...

You're not crazy, It was a typo. Pretty sure I cleared it up now.

I was feeling pretty icky that week, I feel lucky that I got *anything* done at all, as badly as I felt LOL

coffeecup said...

Haha, thank you 8D
The patterns awesome HEHEHE

Kamika said...

It's awesome ! I tried the luma plushie but failed *snurfl*. Can you do the Mokona plush thing please ? I'm aiming to have all i can have in Mokona for 2011 *Mokona mode ON !* I prefer the black one but i suppose we can do the other one, they're basically the same shape. It's so cuuute !!! Well thanks and good luck, your plushies are awesome ! :3

chassy-chan said...

how do you make the spikes for his head??? if you could email me the pattern for the spikes that would be great:) thanks soooo much!

WolfDreamer said...

The 'hair spikes' are in the pattern above, between 'feet' and 'tail'. :D

chassy-chan said...

ah! arigato, wolf dreamer:) lols, i guess i was still a bit sleepy since i didnt see that. but thank u:D ive been crocheting cute plushies theyve turned out pretty good:3

Rachel Joy said...

Gah! You are SUCH a blessing with all of your wonderful patterns!!! I wish I had your exquisite talent for making up patterns, but since I can't, I am ETERNALLY grateful for people like you, who CAN create such adorable patterns, and choose to share them with us!!! Thank you for your generosity. I almost feel bad asking this, but I was wondering if you can make a Vaporeon? If you're too busy, or have too many projects I understand ENTIRELY, but I think a cute little Vaporeon would be just ADORABLE :)

Anonymous said...

SO cute!!!! I love all of your patterns. I altered the umbreon pattern to make an espeon for my sister for christmas. she was so excited. i'm thinking about trying a vaporeon or flareon next.

Have you ever thought about making character hats? Like one that looks like a pokemon or a hello kitty character( i love kerropi)?
Just wondering...

I'm sorry about your wrist...i hope it will feel better soon!

Thankyou so much for your wonderful patterns!

Unknown said...


I love your patterns,
I'm just starting making amigurumis...
here is my blog, I'm uuploading some patterns in spanish

Claribel said...

Hi Linda!!! I crochet Badtz Maru this week. It's my favorite with Keroppi. I like the way it's look. Please take a look of the picture on my blog Agujas, Hilos... Crochet!!!
Thanks for the pattern, Claribel

Abby G said...

I completed the head/body, but the body is significantly smaller than the head... I followed the pattern exactly, what could be the problem?

Melissa said...

Dear Lord, you are talented! Keep up the good work =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, where is the eyes pattern. I cannot find it. Thanks!

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