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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Cute and Cuddly Boys!

Ok.  I am a HUGE Penguins of Madagascar fan.  These guys I'm doing for me mostly...  I actually purchased the yarn to make all four of them.  This is of course only Skipper,  but the other three will be following in the next couple of weeks.   (Give me at least a week between, maybe more ...  I can't work too much or I'll blow out my wrists again and I don't want to do that)

The pattern might seem a little strange when you first read it through,  but just take it one part at a time.   The beak particularly might give you fits,  but just keep at it... it took me a while to get it too,  but the work is worth it  :D

If you find any problems in the pattern,  or if you just get totally confuzzled,  let me know and I'll do my best to help you out!  


 WW yarn in black and white,  with smaller amount in a medium orange
G Hook
Sewing thread and needle
15 mm Googly Eyes  (or similar eyes of your choice)


Gauge is not important for this item

Numbers in ( ) at the end of each round or row indicate the total number of stitches that should be in that round or row.

This pattern has some 'different' shaping.  It's helpful if you read through each section before you begin,  to try and get a feel for how the shaping is going to progress.   Remember that most often,  the final shape of the piece won't be noticeable until the stuffing process is done.


With black:

Rnd 1:  8 sc in magic ring  (8)
Rnd 2:  2 sc in each sc around  (16)
Rnd 3:  sc in next sc,  2 sc in next sc around  (24)
Rnd 4:  sc in each of next 2 sc,  2 sc in next sc around (32)
Rnd 5:  sc in each of next 6 sc,  2 sc in each of the next 4 sc,  sc in each of next 12 sc,  2 sc in each of next 4 sc,  sc in last 6 sc  (40)
Rnd 6:  sc in each sc around  (40)
Rnd 7: Working in Back loops only for this round, sc in each sc around  (40)
Rnd 8:  sc in each sc around  (40)
Rnd 9:  Sc in each of next 9 sc,  2 sc in each of next 2 sc,  sc in each of next 18 sc,  2 sc in each of next 2 sc,  sc in each last 9 sc  (44)
Rnd 10-12:  sc in each sc around  (44)
Rnd 13:  sc in each of the next 10 sc,  2 sc in each of the next 2 sc,  sc in each of the next 20 sc,  2 sc in each of the next 2 sc,  sc in each of the last 10 sc  (48)
Rnd 14-18:  sc in each sc around  (48)
Rnd 19:  sc in each of next 10 sc,  dec over the next 2 sc (repeat decrease one more time),  sc in each of next 20 sc,  dec over next 2 sc,  (repeat decrease once more),  sc in each of last 10 sc  (44)
Rnd 20-21:  sc in each sc around  (44)
If you haven't already begun stuffing ,  this is a good place to start.  Stuff fairly firmly,  but don't overstuff.   Continue to stuff and shape the body as you progress.
Rnd 22:  sc in each of next 9 sc,  dec over next 2 sc (repeat decrease one more time),  sc in each of next 18 sc,  dec over next 2 sc, (decrease one more time),  sc in each of last 9 sc  (40)
Rnd 23-32:  sc in each sc around  (40)
Rnd 33:  sc in each of next 9 sc,  dec over next 2 sc,  sc in each of next 18 sc,  dec over next 2 sc, sc in each of last 9 sc  (38)
Rnd 34-39:  sc in each sc around  (38)
Rnd 40:  dec over next 2 sc around  (19)
Rnd 41:  dec over next 2 sc around,  sc in last sc  (10)
F/O.  Add any stuffing needed to finalize shaping.  (Top of Skipper's head should be 'flat',  resembling a military style haircut)  Weave tail through last round of crochet,  pull to close opening.  Secure and weave in end.


Using white:

Rnd 1-8:  Same as for body 
Rnd 9:  sc in each sc around  (40)
Rnd 10: Slip stitch across first 4 sc. Ch 1,  sc in next sc.  Sc in each sc across to last 4 sc.  Turn work (leaving last 4 sc unworked)   (32)
Row 11-13:  sc in each sc across,  turn work at end of each row.  (32)
Row 14:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (30)
Row 15:  sc in each sc across  (30)
Row 16:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (28)
Row 17:  sc in each sc across  (28)
Row 18:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (26)
Row 19:  sc in each sc across  (26)
Row 20:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (24)
Row 21:  sc in each sc across  (24)
Row 22:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (22)
Row 23:  sc in each sc across  (22)
Row 24:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (20)
Row 25:  sc in each sc across  (20)
Row 26:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (18)
Row 27:  sc in each sc across  (18)
Row 28:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (16)
Row 29:  Dec over the first 2 sc,  sc across to last two sc,  dec over last 2 sc  (14)
Row 30:  sc in each sc across  (14)
Row 31:  2 sc in the first sc,  sc in each sc across to the last sc,  2 sc in last sc  (16)
Row 32:  sc in each sc across (16)
Row 33: 2 sc in the first sc,  sc in each sc across to the last sc,  2 sc in last sc   (18)
Row 34:  sc in each sc across  (18)
Row 35: Chain 2, 2 dc in same stitch as turning.  hdc in next sc,  sc across to last 2 sc.  Hdc in next to last sc,  3 dc in last sc.
F/O.  Weave in end.

Attach yarn to center of back of the piece  (the last 'round' before beginning working in rows).   Chain 1 and sc in same stitch as joining.  Sc evenly around piece to 'top' corner.  3 sc in corner,  sc in next 2 sc.  Chain 2,  2 dc in same sc,   hdc in next sc,  sc in each sc across to last 5 sc.  Hdc in next sc,  2 dc in next sc, chain 2,  sc in each sc to corner,  3 sc in corner stitch.  Continue to sc around the edge evenly.  Slip stitch to first sc.
F/O. Weave in end.

WINGS (make 2):

Row 1:  Chain 6,  sc in second chain from hook and each chain across, turn  (5)
Row 2-4:  sc in each sc across, turn  (5)
Row 5:  2 sc in first sc,  sc in next 3 sc,  2 sc in last sc, turn  (7)
Row 6-20:  sc in each sc across, turn  (7)
Row 21:  sc in first 5 sc of row,  dec over last 2 sc of row, turn (6)
Row 22:  sc in each sc across, turn  (6)
Repeat rows 21 and 22 until 3 sc remain in row
Dec over the 3 sc (1 sc left)
F/O.  Weave in ends.

FEET (make 4):

Using orange/yellow:

Rnd 1:  6 sc in magic ring  (6)
Rnd 2:  2 sc in each sc around (12)
Rnd 3:  * chain 6,  slip stitch in second chain from hook,  sc in next chain, hdc in next chain, dc in next chain, trbl in last chain.  Skip one sc,  slip stitch in next sc * ,  repeat * to * twice more  (for three toes). Secure and F/O  weave in end   

Take two of the 'feet' and place them together, matching up the toes.   Using a long piece of the matching yarn and yarn needle,  whip stitch the two pieces together around the outside edges.   Secure and weave in ends.

LEG (make 2):

Begin with orange/yellow:

Rnd 1:  chain 6,  join to form a 'ring'.  Chain 1 and sc around change to white in last sc,  join to first sc of rnd.
Rnd 2:  Chain 1,  sc in same stitch as joining.  * 2 sc in next sc,  sc in next sc *  repeat from * to * around to beginning,  join to first sc with slip stitch.
Rnd 3:  Chain 1, sc in same sc as joining.  * 2 sc in next sc,  sc in next sc  *   repeat from * to * around .   F/O and secure tail,  weave in end.  
(when working the leg,  you may have an 'odd' stitch left over in a round... this is ok,  just sc in that stitch and join to begin next round)

Sew the 'leg' portion to foot as shown  (orange section of leg is connected to 'foot')   


The instructions for the beak may seem confusing at first,  the increases are different than the 'standards'  because you're expanding the sides drastically, while keeping the top/bottom portions relatively even.  This will create a 'curve' shape and then on the last round,  you have to add the 'smile'  (or side portions of the beak).   If you get confused,  just take it one round at a time...  it may take you a few tries to get it right  (it did me too).  It does work,  it just might take a little practice to get it right.  I recommend working a little tight on the beak  if you normally crochet loosely.

Rnd 1:  4 sc in magic ring (4)
Rnd 2:  sc in first sc,  2 sc in next sc,  sc in next sc,  2 sc in last sc  (6)
Rnd 3:  sc in each of the next 2 sc,  2 DC in the next sc,   sc in each of the next 2 sc,  2 DC in the last sc  (8)
Rnd 4:  sc in each of the next 3 sc,  2 DC in the next sc,  sc in each of the next 3 sc,  2 DC in the last sc  (10)
Rnd 5:  sc in each of the next 4 sc,  in the next sc work the following [hdc, dc, hdc],  sc in each of the next 4 sc,  in the next sc work [hdc, dc, hdc]  (14)
Rnd 6:  sc in each of the next 5 sc,  in the next sc,  work [hdc, dc, hdc],  sc in each of the next 6 sc,  in the next sc work [hdc, dc, hdc],  sc in last sc  (18)
Rnd 7: sc in each of next 7 sc,  chain 5,  slip stitch in second chain from hook, sc in next chain, hdc in next chain, dc in next chain, skip one stitch, slip stitch in next stitch,  sc in each of next 7 stitches,   chain 5,  slip stitch in second chain from hook, sc in next chain, hdc in next chain, dc in next chain, skip one stitch, slip stitch in last stitch,  slip stitch to join to first stitch of round.
F/O,  weave in end.


I recommend that you pin the pieces together before sewing anything,  to ensure that you're happy with the placement before making anything permanent.  The beak will need to be 'shaped'  as you pin...  by creating the 'scoops'  along the top of the beak,  and a slight 'smile' to the side portions as you pin.  Fiddle around with it till you're pleased with the overall look.

The white portion of the body fits over the bottom end of the black portion (the 'bowl' end of the white section should fit snugly over the bottom of the body portion).     The 'front' is stretched upwards towards the top of the head  (as shown).

The wings are placed on either side,   the sloped side of the wing faces to the back of the penguin,  with the flat end  attached to the body.  You can position the 'wings' in whatever position you prefer once they're attached to the body.

The feet/legs are sewn to the bottom,  with the feet pointing slightly outwards.  the legs should be fairly firmly stuffed ...  and if the stuffing seems to want to 'ooze' out while you're sewing the legs on,  just tuck it in as you go around.

For the Tail,  I just added a few satin stitches to the back side to give the illusion of a slightly pointed tail.  I used the same black yarn as for the body,  with a yarn needle.  

The beak is positioned as shown,  and sewn carefully to the white portion of the 'face'.  You'll need to 'create'  the scooped nose as you sew  (as you had pinned it on earlier).   I didn't find a need for any stuffing in the beak,  but if it helps you create the bridge of the 'nose' portion between the eyes,  then that's ok too.

The eyes are glued on fairly close to the point of the bridge of the 'beak'.   I used a simple glue stick at first,  just to temporarily place them until I was happy with them... then I used a permanent glue to adhere them after I had sewn all the other parts in place.

The 'brow' portion of the face is made by chaining 10 or 12  (depending on your tension),  and then slip stitch back across the chain.   Sew the brow into place as shown  (or to create the expression you like best)

Skipper and The Penguins of Madagascar are copyright DreamWorks and their respective creators.

This crochet pattern is an original pattern and is © by Linda Potts (June  2011).  Please do not claim this pattern as your own.  If you wish to share this pattern, you may link to this pattern but please do not reprint/repost it on your site.  You may print and keep a copy for your own personal use but you may not sell or distribute it, or sell items made from this pattern. 


WolfDreamer said...

Ok, got the comments was a glitch but I found a way around it :D

Elsa said...

Your penguin is just lovely, you are so talented! :D

River Glorious said...

How are your wrists?

WolfDreamer said...

They're doing ok, but I have to be careful. I have to limit how much I crochet at a sitting - taking plenty of breaks and just generally taking it easy on them. If I try to do too much they let me know real quick LOL

Thanks for asking! :D

Vampier Keelr said...

I dont actually like the show but i love the movies. My favorite penguin is the one, oh i forget his name. Not kowalski, not rico, obviously not skipper, but the other _really_ friendly one.

WolfDreamer said...

That would be Private. He's the adorable one :D

I can't say that I have a 'favorite' of them, I just adore them all LOL

Mimibu said...

thanks for sharing all this cool patterns...I really like the penguin! I'm following you know



Frumatik said...

Sooo wonderful! This guy is now on my to-do list! Thank you!

Deya said...

I love it madagascar penguins

Thanks, i try to make it.

blocthypapier said...

ooh!! i LOVE penguins of madagascar...i love you too for the pattern<3!
you are awesome...please make all 4 of them :) but dont push yourself too hard.
thank you a million, million times<3 xD!! *screams*

carlaevelien said...

This is soooo cool! I love crocheting and every time I watch cartoons with our sons, in my head I'm 'designing' the characters. I had a hard time figuring out how to make a pinguin of Madagascar, however. Just a pinguin is easy enough, but it's the special shape that makes it a M.pinguin. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!

I also love your minion, I designed my own but I had trouble with the glasses. The ones on your minion look perfect.

Marci said...

Hello! I just found this site from your deviantART, and I would just like to let you know it is definitely going into my favorites now!

orgucuoyuncakcınine said...

I've built, thanks.

Chryseis said...

you're amigurumi patterns are kinda really freaking awesome...

Cynthia said...

Cute and cuddley :)
Thank you so much! My son wants me to make a Rico one that actually stores the stuff he has... Maybe this will suffice lol
Thanks again for sharing this, and I hope your wrists are holding up :)

Clara said...

He is so cute and looks just like him on TV! I just want to hug him :) The TV show is really funny and my favorite penguin is private (not entirely sure if that is his real name)

Britta said...

This one's great! My boyfriend loves the penguins and I'll definitely make one for him! Thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

hello there
love your creative even i don't know how to crochet will learn one day but i love all your stuff you are the best, good heart and sharing.
Connie T

Bugaderes39 said...

I've just discovered this blog and there was this great Penguin. Thank you very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks- I love penguins- I will make him and add him to my collection of 300+ penguins. Can't wait to see the movie Mr. Popper's penguins even tho we are not Jim Carrey fans.

PJ said...

these patterns are absolutely amazing!! My children lit up like it was christmas! You are undeniably talented thanks for sharing, you're my hero :)

Anonymous said...

contact me please

for your wrists sake

thanks , terry

Elizabeth said...

I don't know if anyone has let you know, but Skipper made pattern of the week on for this week. Congratulations!


Fru Albertsson said...

Hello, I have posted on my blog about your lovely penguin, and linked to your blog. I hope that´s ok.
If not, I will take it away.
I have not posted the pattern.

I really love this pattern, and will give it a trye even though my english is not very good.

Mamabear14 said...

You are very talented! I LOVE your patterns! My boyfriend his brother are pokemon nerds lol! So i make them as much pokemon as i can but i was just wondering if it was possible by any chance if you could make like a baby pluto pattern? Pluto the dog lol!

carlaevelien said...

I started this pattern and so far I finished the body and the white front. But I wonder why I should stuff the white front? After row 21, you state: "If you haven't already begun stuffing , this is a good place to start". But since it is only a front, flat thing, there is nothing to stuff?
By the way, I started the bottom in white, and from row 9 I used the back loops for black and when I finished the black part I took off where I left with white at row 9. That is just because I'm a very lazy crocheter ;).

WolfDreamer said...

The stuffing instructions were supposed to be in the section of the body, not the white front. I moved them where they belonged :D

Thanks for the heads up on the editing boo-boo LOL

carlaevelien said...

And I finished Skipper! Let me see if I can post a picture here.... nope, doesn't work :(. You can see the picture by clicking on my name (probably) or else, here's the link:

After I made the picture I lowered the eyebrows a bit in the middle, on comments from our son (10 years old).

Thank you again for sharing the pattern!

catacombdark said...

thank you, thank you, thank rock so much. I've been looking for a pattern for these guy for a year.....Tried to make one myself but didn't work so well,.....did I mention THANK YOU.......Who's next?

catacombdark said...

thank you, thank you, thank rock so much. I've been looking for a pattern for these guy for a year.....Tried to make one myself but didn't work so well,.....did I mention THANK YOU.......Who's next?

maryelob said...

OH! It is so very lovely!!!!!!! I'll definetly give it a try though It might be too hard for me! Congrats!
By the way, I also have my own blog:
I hope you can take a look and give me your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I just love your work! Has it ever crossed your mind doing a Lightning McQueen? You are very good at this!

// Jeanette *sweden*

WolfDreamer said...

I'll be honest. Cars/Cars2 and all the characters associated with them are copyright Disney/Pixar.

I don't touch anything remotely related to Disney. They are militant about copyright laws and don't hesitate to go after people. Even their OWN paid animators aren't allowed to use the artwork that they do every day for any uses outside of those authorized by Disney.

Not that I don't love Cars (Mater is my hero! LOL) but I won't touch those with a ten foot tow chain! :D

Anonymous said...

Ok. thats too are so good at this. It would be nice to see how it had turn out. But who might have been chrochet one before..?? LOL
Anyway....I´m gonna do TMNT... all of son adore them. about My Little Pony?, Star wars? Or maybe Pippi Longstocking? Do you know her?
//Jeanette *sweden*

Dinie said...


I'm working on Skipper right now, and I have a problem with the edging from the white section, in what corner do I begin with the 2 chain and the DC? Mine doesn't look as good as yours! :( Maybe I don't read well, I'm dutch. Hope you can help me out. Thanks allready,

Greets, Dinie

Mª JOSE said...

Hola, en primer lugar muchas gracias por el patron estoy intentando realizar uno para mi hijo pero tengo un problema, no entiendo estas explicaciones (Vta 6: pb en cada uno de los siguientes 5 pb, en el siguiente cs, el trabajo [hdc, DC, hdc], sc en cada uno de los próximos 6 pb, en el próximo trabajo sc [hdc, DC, hdc], en sc último sc (18)es de la zona del pico y no se que es hdc,DC,hdc, por favor me lo podria explicar..., muchisimas gracias por adelantado.

happy mommy said...

Hello wolfdreamer! I've only started doing amigurumi for over a year and I absolutely love doing your patterns. I mainly do it for my kids and friends as gifts. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your generosity for sharing your wonderful creations. You are such a kind person to willingly share your patterns to others. Love you heaps and I wish you abundant blessings!!!

WolfDreamer said...

Thank you very much Happy Mommy! After having a rough weekend (business related stuff), your post really made me smile! I needed that :D

Happy mommy said...

Hang in there dear friend. All will be well, you'll see. That's the beauty about life, nothings stays still, all things pass, good or bad and we have control of which direction it goes. Beautiful people like you deserve beautiful things and that dear friend is what lies ahead. Stay happy! By the way, I'm working on some pokemon patterns of yours and just like always, they're brilliant!!! Love, love, love your creations!!! Thank you once again for sharing them!

kaycee said...

I absolutely love the madagasgar penquins, cant wait to have the rico pattern. Great work!

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG. This is awesome! :DDD Sorry to bother you, but have you ever heard of a nintendo charater called Isaac? me and my friend both think hes awesome. And we were wondering if you could make a plush of him as an adult. I hope it's not too much to ask :D

JemKem said...

SO BRILLIANT! :D I love them all. Hehe I just started to laugh by the thougt of you making the "blasting mad pinguin" (Rico??) with a dynamite in his wing lool

Hi, I'm Curi. said...

I just found this pattern from Ravelry and it is FANTASTIC! I can't wait to make one - my little cousins will go insane over him!
Please make a Rico as he's their favorite ^_^

Private: Skipper, what's in the sack?
Skipper: Laundry. Why? What's wrong with a penguin and his sack of laundry?
Private: Well nothing, except we don't wear clothes.
Skipper: Well yeah, they're dirty.

Jenna Q. said...

Wow. So cool. I am still pretty new, but I am going to give this a shot! Thanks!

Vanessa S. said...

I am a little confused on round 7 in the head/body. When you work in the back does that mean that you chain and go back the way you were coming?

WolfDreamer said...

For that round, you work in the Back Loops of your stitches... here a video tutorial on how to do that:

You then will be working through both loops again starting on the next round.

Vanessa S. said...

Um.. I watched the video and realized that that is what I've been doing for a single crochet. I have already completed 3 amigurumis doing this single crochet. If I don't do rnd 7 in the Back, will it effect the look of the Skipper(and the other 3)?

Amanda said...

Thank you for this! My son is a huge Penguin fan, and you just made Christmas for him! Your instructions were spot on, and easy to follow, the only difference is, you never said to attach at the ends of rounds, but I did anyway. I'm quite jealous of your talent. I've designed patterns before, but nothing this intensive! You rock! (:

WolfDreamer said...

I generally don't give instructions to join rounds (unless it's absolutely critical to do so). Most crocheters today are not familiar with joining rounds, they prefer to use the 'continuous round' method.

In general, it's not important to the piece if you join rounds or not, so I leave it up to the crafter which method they're most comfortable with. I do instruct to join rounds if it's important to the piece. :D

Krys said...

Hello Im fan of penguins I love skipper and private.
Im trying to make this doll but I have a question . I done the head and body but the rows 1-20 are they form the head or the body?

Help me please

WolfDreamer said...

The doll begins at the bottom, so the first rounds are the 'body' :D

Krys said...

oh thank you so much :) but now I have a problem with the brow I made the edging but the brow doesnt look like in the picture :(

Samantha said...

Skipper is so lovely I'm a big fan of penguins of madagascar serie. I would like to make the otter, Marlenne, I love the otter.

iskipper said...

Awsome stuff! When I will have time I will definetly made one for my child! thanks for sharing whole plan :)

patti said...


Dan said...

thank you so much :-) really cute..... I have just one question what do you mean with "trbl in last chain" ???

I'm duth and the rest is clear to me except this term.

Best regards, Carola

WolfDreamer said...

trbl - treble crochet

Hope that helps :D

Mikey said...

Hi, this pattern (and the other penguins as well) look great, perfect for crocheting a penguin for my friend who is expecting a kid in January.
She asked me if I could crochet a penguin for the little one, that should be born in january 2013..
So I might even have time to do them all!

So I was wondering, how many skeins of white and black do you need approximately for one penguin?

Mieke (pandameisje on ravelry, will send you a message there as well)

K F Catz said...

My white section didn't turn out like it's pictured here, even though I followed the directions word for word. The brow is flat instead of furrowed, or dipped in the middle. Is there a fix for this?

Unknown said...

Hallo! I tried with this lovely penguin, but I've a problem with wings: they are really long! If I sew them to the "shoulders" then the "hands" lies on the floor and as I pin the hands on the sides, the loops are too big, about twice the picture shows. What's wrong in my Skipper? Can you please help me?

Callie said...

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for posting these! My mom recently bought "Dr. Blowhole Returns" for the PS3, and that's how I was introduced to the POM series. Immediately fell in love with the Penguins (especially Kowalski as we have similar jobs and personalities :) ) and immediately wanted to make a set of Penguins. I am so, so, very happy to have found these. Thanks again!

eunice ling said...


I try to crochet the Penguins, but i don't understand of the following descriptions, pls help~~~~~

For the body of white part:
Row 35: Chain 2, 2 dc in same stitch as turning. hdc in next sc, sc across to last 2 sc. Hdc in next to last sc, 3 dc in last sc.

fully don't understand, how many of 35 row stitch have?

i just stop on this step and can't continous~~XD

eunice ling said...

hi wolfdreamer

me, again.

i still so confuse and stop from all of this pattern, i would like to buy this pattern in picture, not in words,because i don't understand the sentence while description^^''

Would you help?? i really love this doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charami said...


Thank you for all your free patterns!
I've tried contacting you through your Ravelry-account, but I never received a reply, so I decided to try through your personal blog.

On my blog, I sometimes offer Dutch translations of patterns to my reader. Recently I received a request for a translation of this Skipper pattern. I know you state that you do not want someone redistributing your patterns, which is why I want to ask you if you would allow me to make a Dutch translation of your pattern to post on my website? You can find other translations I made here:

Thanks in advance.


James Morgan said...

Hello there,
I love these penguins and I'm trying to make all of them starting with skipper but I'm having trouble figuring out how to put all the parts together. Could you please help? Thank you so much!

danielle rollins said...

i looooove your kids are huge pokemon fans...i just did mew for my stepdaughter and made that child SMILE!!!! SMILE!....i have already done the minion for my five yr old...and now he wants a penguin...not sure why....then i have to do another pokemon...HE HAS A LIST...AHHHHHH!!!! and my stepdaughter does too....thank you again...

Thaohuong Phan said...

HI, I wonder how you work the round 10th? I can not do it properly :(. Thanks!

mizzmusictheif said...

This row was a little tricky, but in reality, row 35 only has around 16 sc .
the "Chain 2, 2 Dc in same stich as turning " and the "Hdc in next to last sc, 3 Dc in last sc " are meant to be part of the edging to the left and right of Skipers' eyes. Sorry it's a year late but just in case you didn't figure it out! :)

Tatiana Fajardo said...

Ugh pls help!! I'm stuck too.. I did row 35 but at the end it doesn't have a shape like the one on the pic!! ��

Mónica said...

"Bonitos y gorditos chicos"
Está genial, gracias por compartirlo

Lexxie Ruiz said...

I'm not too good at crochet. I'm better at knitting and was just wondering if someone had any tips on how I can convert the stitches into knitting stitches please. Thank you. My email is P.S. If you email me please place a subject as PENGUIN otherwise I might mistake it for spam. I'm really wanting to make his for my sister birthday.

SusieQ100 said...

Well I've almost finished my first penguin - what a brilliant pattern! I have a question, though: can you post any more photo's of the "finishing" or "finished" phase, please?? I'd like to see more close-ups so I can get it right!

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